Potato Dextrin Scarf Silk/Wool Gauze

Potato Dextrin Scarf Silk/Wool Gauze

Moon Tide Dyers

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There is nothing more luxurious than silk!  This scarf was patterned with potato dextrin and hand painted with high quality Procion dyes. 

The crackles are formed when the silk is patterned with potato dextrin.  This starch resist is cooked in a double boiler, spread out on fabric that has been pinned to a print table and as it dries, it cracks.  If you are listen carefully, you can hear it.  Depending on how the starch is applied, the crackles can be large or small, or have a directional pattern.  Once the resist has fully dried, dye that has been thickened with paste can be painted on top, coloring in the little cracks the resist has made.  It is then lifted off of the table and washed thoroughly resulting in the crackle pattern.

  • Ready to ship
  • Pre-washed fabric
  • Hand wash, dry clean or machine wash with a delicate cycle and removing immediately, line dry
  • Made by Abbie