Chloe Wrap Jacket, Unrepeatable Red Wash

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 The circle wrap jacket is a great item to wear on top of a black dress or with a jumpsuit. It really dresses up any old thing that you have in your closet. Although it comes in two different lengths, both are one size and fit most people. Taller people tend to go for the longer length and the shorter one is great for petites. Each can be worn in multiple ways giving you plenty of options with one garment. You can wear it full length for a different look, turn it upside down and wear it like a cape/shawl.  This also gives you the option to cover up your arms for a little added warmth.

We called this one ‘unrepeatable red’ because it was a mix of other reds and there may never be another red like this!


  • Made in USA
  • Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • 92% Rayon 8% Spandex
  • Garments are made and ready to ship
  • Some variations occur due to the hand dyed process



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