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Maura and Abbie Portrait

Abbie and Maura met in art school in 2002 in New Bedford, MA and they got bored.  They decided to make some t-shirts. They couldn't find any stock tees so they used one of their favorites from their closet, making it a little longer in the sleeve and length and a little tighter in the torso.  They dyed and resisted it using some bold graphic circles and Moon Tide was born.  This is where they began and over a decade later, continue in this spirit to create. 


Their business and decision making process is built on a personal passion and creative investigation of pattern, movement and color.  By simply loving what they do and being actively part of the making process, they have built a strong and lasting foundation with a loyal following. 

The design boutique studio

Design Studio

We invite you to our design studio tucked away behind our storefront at 780 Hope Street, Providence, RI.  This is where the magic starts.  We sketch and prototype here, make samples and sew short runs.  We also experiment with one of kind items that often show up on the racks at the storefront.

Dye Studio

Our dye studio is located in New Bedford, MA .  Here we clamp, dye, and process, all our garments.  We use MX cold water dyes and employ a low emersion dye bath.  We do small batch dyeing and a collection of 8-10 shirts can take up to 7 days from start to finish.  

Color is important and we are careful to be consistent with every dye bath. We use 2 methods of creating pattern and color on our shirts.  We either start with a white sewn garment, clamp it and pour dye over the shirt.  Or we start with a black sewn garment, clamp it and remove dye from areas with a stripping agent, then we overdue it creating depth and movement. 

Colourful Inks

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