Cocoon Tunic in Limelight

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The cocoon series developed out of a need to use the fabric available after cutting one of our most popular garments.  Long narrow pieces of material were leftover and we wanted to use them instead of just throwing them away or just turning them into predictable scarves.  We wanted to come up with innovative ways to use this narrow fabric.  Dyeing the fabric first is opposite from how we usually work so this in itself was a departure from the usual.  After dyeing the individual pieces, the fabric is then sewn into various garments in intuitive ways using other methods such as draping instead of the usual flat pattern design. Each piece in this series is one of a kind and designed individually with the idea that perhaps they will become small series.  These pieces are very labor intensive and likely will never be put into production.


The Cocoon Tunic has peek-a-boo windows on the sleeves and a underarm gusset.  We made use of the rolling nature of the edge of the fabric, sewing it with a stretch straight stitch and letting the fabric curl around the stitching.  This tunic is fully reversible back to front and inside outside!

  • Made in USA
  • Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • 92% Rayon 8% Spandex
  • This item is one of a kind and is the one you will receive

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