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Rainbow Icicle Bandana Mask*

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We have had some requests for the bandana scarf that has been used for a face mask.  It can also be used as a head wrap or scarf.  It is the classic bandana size, 22 x 22.  It is non-restrictive, no elastics or ties to fidget with, and no need to worry about losing it throughout the day.  Pull it up over your mouth and nose while talking to your neighbor and let it loose around your neck when socially distancing yourself.   And, when the pandemic is over, you have yourself a great head wrap or scarf. 
SIZE: 22” x 22”. Stretchy. 
  • Jersey 4-way stretch fabric made with natural fibers (bamboo, cotton)
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • Machine washable
  • FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.00
  • Ships from our Providence Studio
  • Made with Love by Moon Tide Dyers in USA