Quest for the Perfect Jogger

Everyone is lounging around now and we wanted to bring you a cozy jogger pant that feels good to lay about, exercise or go out to the store.  Pockets are one of the main necessities!  Here we will list all the garments that have been made on the journey to make the best design for you!

We started by taking our standard pattern for the Lola legging and widening it a little to create room in the legs for the pockets.  We also made the waistband higher for more warmth and coziness and added a cuff at the ankles to create length so that you can cover your heels to help keep warm.

After making and testing about a dozen pair, we have some preliminary results for you.  We have just about settled on the final outcome and are almost ready to grade the pattern to include a full range of sizes.  If you are a medium, you are in luck and can get first dibs on the collection!

Read all about each pair in the description.

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