Silk Organza Bomber Jacket in Mustard Field at Dusk

Silk Organza Bomber Jacket in Mustard Field at Dusk


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Mustard Field at Dusk 

JACKET:   The bomber jacket was first introduced in WWII for pilots. They are very comfortable due to their bulky nature. It has loose arm holes with elastic ribs and hem, which makes it really convenient for fighting pilots to be more agile. 

SILK ORGANZA -  This collection is made from silk organza which is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric.  I love the transparency and the ability to see back through to you skin.  

POTATO STARTCH:  This textile resist is made with potato dextrin.  The magic of this resist is the slow and mysterious crackling power.  Once it has dried and cracked you paint with a seaweed dye paste back into the open cracks. 

Care Instructions:  Hand Wash Cold, Hang to dry.

Measurements are with garment lying flat: 

Small: BUST 20" LENGTH: 22"  WAIST: 18"

Medium: BUST 22" LENGTH: 23"  WAIST: 19"

Large: BUST 24" LENGTH: 24" WAIST: 21.5"