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Double Layer Tube Mask/Neck and Face Warmer - Moonglow Dots

Moon Tide Dyers

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The double layer tube mask is gaining momentum for it’s ease of wear.  It is non-restrictive, no elastics or ties to fidget with, and no need to worry about losing it throughout the day.  Pull it up over your mouth and nose while talking to your neighbor and let it loose around your neck when socially distancing yourself.  These are long and double layered, great for the colder weather and outdoor activities like hiking, biking, running and walking.  Stay cozy and protected while you are doing outdoor activities or going to the store.  When the pandemic is finally over, you have yourself a great headband or neck warmer.
SIZE: 9” wide x 12” long. Stretchy. 
  • Jersey 4-way stretch fabric made with natural fibers
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • Machine washable
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  • Made with Love by Moon Tide Dyers in USA