Jogger with pockets - Bonobo Butt

Jogger with pockets - Bonobo Butt

Moon Tide Dyers

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Thought it would be fun to make a pair mostly black with a little accent of hand dyed fabric.  And cut out 4 pair!  After sewing the first, I was reminded of bonobos butts.  These joggers are totally cozy and look like they are basic black from the front, but when you turn around, whoa!  They could be a great pair for someone who wants to show off their assets, but not really the look I had in mind.  The next pairs got modified to be a little less, well, you know.  And no, you can’t cover it up by folding over the waistband.

  • Jersey 4-way stretch
  • Made with natural fibers, bamboo and cotton 10 oz weight.
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • Sewn from fabric we dyed ahead of time
  • One of a kind
  • Cuffed hems, pockets and high waistband
  • Machine wash cold, line dry
  • extra long