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Velvet Cowl Necklace in Okapi

Abbie Boutique

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Silk/Rayon velvet is a dream fabric.  Soft, cozy and dressy at the same time.  Keep warm and look sharp this winter. 

  • Hand-crafted by Abbie Chambers as part of Moon Tide’s Boutique line
  • Silk/Velvet
  • Pre-washed and shrunk
  • One of a kind or in some cases 2 of a kind
  • Machine washable and dry able



Cowl Warmer - A cowl scarf that fits fairly close to the neck while still being easy to put on.  

Cowl Necklace - Same amount of fabric as the cowl warmer, but cut the opposite way to create a longer length. 

Infinity Scarf - Much longer.  Can be worn once around for length, or twice around to double the warmth.