That color looks terrible on me!

Actually, it does not.  

There are times when we are working with over 500 women in a 3 day period at our shows.  Customer after customer we tend to hear, "That color looks terrible on me!".  And they migrate over to the navy blues.  In fact, I know (90% of the time) that the color would not look terrible on them, it is just not part of their wardrobe history.(and pyschological conditioning)  And, as a culture, we are very limited to what color is and can be.  We buy commercial dyed fabrics and garments and we learned what red is.  But enter the world of hand dyed garments, red has just become so much more.  

I was at a show in Baltimore working with a client who pulled out a ring of swatches, 5 inches thick.  I was in heaven.  This was way beyond Color Me Beautiful.  She had color swatches on different fabrics that had different fabrics that had small notes written on it with different months and times of the day.  I quickly grabbed my rind of swatches and we began to create a personalized collection of hand-dyed outfits and shawls for her.  She was amazed with how many colors in our Spring line up worked for her.  I was just happy to see someone take color so seriously but smiled a little bit inside.  

Welcome to the world of hand-dyed.  It j - raspberry is not what you think of at raspberry from Talbots but it has levels of tones that will impress and delight you.  So next time you are visiting our booth, leave your wardrobe history behind and venture into a world of blues that will transform you.  Just try it on!

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